HotSauce™ Table Service solution helps you deliver exceptional customer service and increase sales by integrating all of the features you need most into one easy, reliable, and powerful system.  Our user-friendly interface will ensure order accuracy and reduce training costs, eliminating waste and improving the efficiency of your operations.
With hundreds of different features HotSauce™ Table Service can be configured and customized to fit your restaurant’s unique needs.


Order Entry 
HotSauce™ Table Service makes it easy to facilitate the order entry process. Some of the features include:

  • Customizable Dining Room Display
  • Cashier Banking
  • Server Banking
  • Server Revenues
  • Split Item
  • Unlimited Special Instructions (Modifiers)
  • Coupon Functions
  • Send 1st Function
  • Nine Hot Keys for easy access to your fastest selling items
  • “Reorder” button
  • “Remove” button
  • High Speed Internet Credit Card Approval
  • One Touch Separate Checks

Manager Functions 

HotSauce™ Table Service helps you manage your restaurant effectively with many built-in functions that allow you to make proactive management decisions in every aspect of your business. Some of the features include:
  • 86 List from Front of the House
  • Menu Item Countdown
  • Real Time Labor Reports
  • Real Time Sales Reports
  • Price Change from Front of the House
  • All Table Function
  • Voids
  • Comps
  • Discounts
  • Transfer Tables
  • Profit center tracking

HotSauce™ Fast Bar is one of the most efficient systems in hospitality industry today that allows your bartenders to manage everything easily and quickly from just one screen.



In a quick service atmosphere, it is essential to have a POS system that is dependable and easy to use. HotSauce™ Quick Service is built specifically for your business operations. Whether you have an over-the-counter or a fast-casual operation, HotSauce™ Quick Service can provide you with the speed and power you need to excel over your competition. 
With many built in features, HotSauce™ Quick Service allows you to serve your guests promptly and increase order accuracy, while providing your management with various reporting tools to effectively manage your operations. Some of the features include:
  • Automatically changes breakfast, lunch and dinner menus using the built in menu timer
  • Approves credit cards quickly in two to three seconds using the HotSauce EVS via High Speed Internet
  • Utilizes Cashier Banking along with dual cash drawer capabilities to effectively rotate cashiers during the same shift
  • Drive-through management allows the orders to be queued when submitting the order, modifying the order, closing the order and bumping the order by utilizing one or more terminals
  • Advanced kitchen printing features including delayed printing, kitchen ticket summary and consolidation of separately paid orders
HotSauce™ Technologies is a certified provider of Kitchen Display System (KDS)that gives you flexibility to route each menu item to various monitors in the kitchen directly from the HotSauce™ terminals. Once a food order has been entered into the HotSauce™ front end, the items are immediately displayed on the kitchen monitors. After the order has been prepared, it can be bumped off the screen using a touchscreen or bump pad. There is also a running timer to insure that each order is being put out in a timely manner.
HotSauce™ technicians will work with you and your staff to optimize the Quick Service system to accommodate your dynamic business needs.
HotSauce™ FAST BAR

HotSauce™ FAST BAR

HotSauce™ Fast Bar was developed with bar owners, bar managers and bartenders to ensure the simplest and fastest order entry process of any Bar POS system.  HotSauce™ Fast Bar will help you increase profits through the many distinguishing features that complement the fast pace of your business operations.
HotSauce™ Fast Bar’s distinguishing features allow you to:
  • Quickly open and close checks from one screen
  • Recall tabs quickly
  • Effortlessly open tabs and store clients’ names and payment information by simply swiping a credit card
  • Automatically alphabetizes tabs that are accessible from multiple terminals
  • Easily program and modify your twelve built in “Hot” keys


  • Approves credit cards quickly in two to three seconds using the HotSauce EVS via High Speed Internet
  • Zip code authorization (reduces credit card processing fees)
  • Preauthorized thresholds
  • Floating tab system
  • “Reorder” button
  • Recipe features
  • Transfer/Combine Table
  • Pricing Levels (Happy-Hour, Lunch, and Dinner)
  • Customizable Security Levels for each Employee
  • Customizable Floor Plan Display
  • Duel Cash Drawer Capability
  • Multiple Tax Categories
  • Training mode

HotSauce™ technicians will work with you and your staff to optimize the Fast Bar system to accommodate your dynamic business needs.



HotSauce™ Express is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to manage your delivery, carryout, and catering services.  Integrated with HotSauce™ Table Service or HotSauce™ Quick Service, HotSauce™ Express can keep track of important customer information such as addresses, phone numbers, order history, and unique customer requests.  Whether your employees are answering phones, working the counter, preparing orders, or expediting deliveries, the intuitive POS screens are tailored to prompt them through their specific tasks quickly and accurately.


Customer Database  
HotSauce™ Express provides a built in customer database that can track and maintain customer and purchase information. Some of the features include: 
  • Tracking customer information such as addresses and phone numbers
  • Maintaining a history of customers’ purchases
  • Compiling information for future marketing use

Delivery and driver routing

From pizza to Chinese food, the HotSauce™ delivery module will help facilitate every aspect of the delivery process.  Some of the features include:
  • Instant recognition of customer information
  • Simultaneous notification to kitchen and “Driver Routing” dashboard
  • Order tracking to help managers determine delivery stages
  • Order pickup restrictions to prevent drivers from skipping orders
  • Map integration for delivery drivers
  • Driver management tool to identify where each driver is, and which drivers are available
  • Consolidated reports for each driver showing the number of orders delivered and the amount of sales that need to be cashed in
  • Delivery reimbursement for drivers
  • Profit center tracking

Catering Functions

HotSauce™ Express allows you to manage catering and delivery orders more efficiently, regardless of whether they are for now or upcoming dates.  Some of the features include:
  • Automatically creates and holds tickets scheduled for later dates
  • Allows you to close tabs to “In House Accounts”, which enables you to bill frequent customers weekly, or even monthly

Pizza screens

HotSauce™ Express also offers special functionalities for pizza restaurants, giving you the flexibility to cater to a variety of customer requests.  Displayed on one interactive screen, these modifiers make changing the pizza crust, size, and toppings both fast and easy.
HotSauce™ technicians will work with you and your staff to optimize the Express system to accommodate your dynamic business needs.