Table Service
HotSauce™ Table Service solution helps you deliver exceptional customer service and increase sales by integrating all of the features you need most into one easy, reliable, and powerful system.  Our user-friendly interface will ensure order accuracy and reduce training costs, eliminating waste and improving the efficiency of your operations.
With hundreds of different features HotSauce™ Table Service can be configured and customized to fit your restaurant’s unique needs.
Order Entry
HotSauce™ Table Service makes it easy to facilitate the order entry process. Some of the features include:
  • Customizable Dining Room Display
  • Cashier Banking
  • Server Banking
  • Server Revenues
  • Split Item
  • Unlimited Special Instructions (Modifiers)
  • Coupon Functions
  • Send 1st Function
  • Nine Hot Keys for easy access to your fastest selling items
  • "Reorder" button
  • "Remove" button
  • High Speed Internet Credit Card Approval
  • One Touch Separate Checks
Dynamic Kitchen Printing
HotSauce™ Table Service offers many different types of kitchen printing to help you manage your kitchen operations. Some of the features include:
  • Auto Meal Coursing
  • Manual Meal Coursing
  • Expo Printing
  • Multiple Print Zones
  • Hold and Un-hold Items
  • Special To-Go and Delivery
  • Kitchen Ticket Consolidation
  • Kitchen Display Systems
  • Kitchen Ticket Summary
  • Delayed Printing
  • Fire and Coursing
Manager Functions
HotSauce™ Table Service helps you manage your restaurant effectively with many built-in functions that allow you to make proactive management decisions in every aspect of your business. Some of the features include:
  • 86 List from Front of the House
  • Menu Item Countdown
  • Real Time Labor Reports
  • Real Time Sales Reports
  • Price Change from Front of the House
  • All Table Function
  • Voids
  • Comps
  • Discounts
  • Transfer Tables
  • Profit center tracking
HotSauce™ Fast Bar is one of the most efficient systems in hospitality industry today that allows your bartenders to manage everything easily and quickly from just one screen.
  • When you choose HotSauce™ Technologies, you will benefit not only from the latest technology and world-class POS software.
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