Reservation management
HotSauce™Graba Table software provides you with the power to efficiently manage reservations, tables and guests ensuring greater profitability through better guest experience and increased operational capabilities. Some of the key features include:
Reservation Management
  • Create or modify reservations easily while viewing guest histories
  • Capture phone numbers, email and mailing addresses for marketing purposes
  • Online reservations made directly from your website
  • Management reporting and analysis tools
  • Low monthly maintenance fee
Table Management
  • Maximize table utilization with walk-in and waitlist applications
  • Instantly track covers for more efficient kitchen and server management
  • Increase table turns by tracking party status
  • Hold and combine tables
  • Track table status with real time alerts
Guest Management
  • Identify regulars and VIPs
  • Track customer preferences to meet and anticipate special requests
  • View customer reservation histories
  • Track special occasions such as guest birthdays and anniversaries
Fully integrated with HotSauce™ Front of the House software, Graba Table makes it effortless for you to increase revenue, improve service and build repeat customer business.
  • When you choose HotSauce™ Technologies, you will benefit not only from the latest technology and world-class POS software.
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