Online Ordering
our technology platform for fast and convenient take-out and delivery ordering

One of the best ways for restaurateurs’ to increased revenue is by increasing takeout orders. Over the last few years, the restaurant industry has seen a steady increase in the amount of takeout and delivery business. By offering online ordering, restaurants can better capitalize on this trend and increase their bottom line. Unlike third-party online ordering solutions where you have to manually enter the incoming orders into the POS system, HotSauce™ Online Ordering automates and streamlines the entire process since it is fully integrated with your HotSauce™ POS system.

The entire process is simple. Once you sign up, your dedicated project manager will help you set up everything from design and online menu build to e-commerce and POS integration. So whether you're looking to increase your takeout or delivery business, HotSauce™ Online Ordering solution can help.

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