Inventory Manager
HotSauce™ Inventory Management is a value-added solution that helps you improve profitability by:
  • controlling food and liquor costs
  • real time inventory management
  • tracking margins and
  • Identifying theft and waste.
With our Business Intelligence Inventory Reports you will be able to identify problem areas, which items are popular, better understand sales and margins, compare theoretical inventory with inventory on hand.
How it works!
The initial phase of setting up the inventory system involves loading the recipes, menu items, products and vendors. Each time a vendor delivers food or alcohol you simply need to enter the invoice for the purchased products. As the products are sold and consumed, the inventory is depleted in real time. Once a physical count of the inventory is performed and entered into the system, you will be able to run various Inventory Reports that will help you to manage your business efficiently and effectively andto make informed business decisions.
  • When you choose HotSauce™ Technologies, you will benefit not only from the latest technology and world-class POS software.
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