Bar & Night Club
HotSauce™ FAST BAR
HotSauce™ Fast Bar was developed with bar owners, bar managers and bartenders to ensure the simplest and fastest order entry process of any Bar POS system.  HotSauce™ Fast Bar will help you increase profits through the many distinguishing features that complement the fast pace of your business operations.
HotSauce™ Fast Bar’s distinguishing features allow you to:
  • Quickly open and close checks from one screen
  • Recall tabs quickly
  • Effortlessly open tabs and store clients’ names and payment information by simply swiping a credit card
  • Automatically alphabetizes tabs that are accessible from multiple terminals
  • Easily program and modify your twelve built in “Hot” keys
  • Approves credit cards quickly in two to three seconds using the HotSauce EVS via High Speed Internet
  • Zip code authorization (reduces credit card processing fees)
  • Preauthorized thresholds
  • Floating tab system
  • “Reorder” button
  • Recipe features
  • Transfer/Combine Table
  • Pricing Levels (Happy-Hour, Lunch, and Dinner)
  • Customizable Security Levels for each Employee
  • Customizable Floor Plan Display
  • Duel Cash Drawer Capability
  • Multiple Tax Categories
  • Training mode
HotSauce™ technicians will work with you and your staff to optimize the Fast Bar system to accommodate your dynamic business needs.
  • When you choose HotSauce™ Technologies, you will benefit not only from the latest technology and world-class POS software.
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