Database Vault

Your POS data is some of the most important information to your business. From accounting to planning/analysis, the valuable information housed in your POS system is critical to any restaurant operation. Any loss of database information is not only costly, but also time-consuming to rebuild. Unfortunately, the reality is that most customers will not manually spend the time to back up a copy of their database every day.

HotSauce™ Database Vault was designed to give our customers an automated, low cost solution for protecting their valuable POS database. Essentially, once we set it up, Database Vault’s double authenticated redundant backup* will automatically backup your critical information daily. This cloud-based technology will ensure that a duplicate copy of your information is always safe and off-site. In addition, unlike other backup services, with the HotSauce™ Database Vault, your backup database will be checked periodically to ensure data quality. Best of all, everything completely automated, so you don't have to do anything.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now to start protecting your valuable data.

* HotSauce™ Database Vault automatically backs up to dual locations (on-site and in the cloud) to ensure the ultimate accessibility and peace of mind for our customers.

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